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About Silver Nano

For ages, silver has been known to be an effective natural antibiotic. Even today, virtually every baby born has silver nitrate put in its eyes at birth. The wealthy always ate off of silver since the food stayed fresh longer. The FDA grandfathered silver in its 1938 FDA act since it was long term known to be completely safe and effective. (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the new Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) into law on June 24, 1938). 

Nano-sized silver particles (of up to 35 nm size) are known to pass through the membrane walls of viruses, bacteria, germs, fungus, spores and all pathogens to kill them on contact. These nano-sized silver particles are too small to stay in the human cell and pass on through harmlessly. 

Nano silver is NOT colloidal silver; colloidal silver is 100 to 1200 nm sized and is too large to pass through the membrane walls of viruses, germs, fungus, spores and pathogens to kill them. Colloidal silver solutions may contain a tiny amount of nano-sized silver in the under 35 nm size, and can occasionally have some effect. Unfortunately the majority of colloidal-sized silver particles are trapped in human cells and can give the skin a blue color.  

Additionally, nano-sized silver is non-allergenic, and the body cannot become immune to silver as it will eventually become immune to manufactured pharmaceutical antibiotics. The body cannot become allergic to silver as it will can become allergic to manufactured pharmaceutical antibiotics and even herbal "natural" antibiotics.

Dr. Barsky's SilverSkin® Acne & Face Care Products are simply the best of the dermatology prescription skin medicines that have had the pharmaceutical manufactured antibiotics replaced with nano-sized silver so they can be bought without prescription. And have proven to be more effective than dermatologist prescription skin medicines that have the pharmaceutical manufactured antibiotics. 
Take our Clear Skin Challenge; try the two-month supply boxed set and if you are not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion with before and after pictures of your skin for a full refund, including your postage.