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How To Use

How to Use our Clearer Face and Acne-Prone Skin System

DR. BARSKY'S SilverSkin Cleansing System Product Overview


• Step 1:  Wet face with warm water.  Apply one pump of Pore Cleanser (shake well before use) to your hands and massage gently into facial pores for one minute. Splash water onto face to rinse, and pat excess moisture dry.  Click to watch video
• Step 2:  Apply PH Balance with a cotton pad and wipe onto skin to help reduce pore size.
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• For bad spots, apply a dot of Pore Cleanser foam and rub into area and allow to dry. (Can be left on under moisturizer and make-up).

• Step 3:  Pump a nickel size amount of Moisture Lotion onto your palm and apply to skin to complete the treatment.
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• Once a week wet face with warm water and apply an ample amount of Masque to skin and work into pores. Let dry for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Apply PH Balance and Moisture Lotion.
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NOTE: For best results, sleep on one side of your pillow each night, then after two nights, change to a new pillow case and repeat.

“We want you to succeed as well in your battle with acne prone skin.”
Dr. Donna