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About SilverSkin

SilverSkin was developed by Dr. Donna Barsky, a Compounding Pharmacist who also suffers from acne.

“Because of my own lifelong battle with acne, I have developed a botanical, vitamin and mineral element enriched, all natural formula that not only works on acne, but also helps maintain the youthful look and feel of your skin.”

"Most available products overdry and strip skin of the natural acid mantle that helps skin protect itself from dryness and irritation. This protective barrier is what helps keep bacteria from invading the underlying tissue and creating infection. Once the skin has been stripped of this natural barrier, we see redness start to increase, and major flaking around the reddened areas. The more we wash and treat, the more red the area becomes, and it continues to dry more and more."

"After many years of trial and error, I found it is more important to recondition the skin naturally, with botanicals and vitamins and minerals, and block the invading bacteria from growing on the skin by creating another barrier that helps the irritated lesions heal. Also, after working with wound care over the last few decades, I found that there are several elements available that can help the skin heal. We have used all of these in SilverSkin."

"This line of cosmeceuticals will help block the problems associated with acne-prone skin, while helping recondition skin for a healthy, smooth texture. SilverSkin has been tested on all skin types, and great results have been seen across the board."

"SilverSkin is organic, all natural, fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free, paba free, non comedogenic, and contains no toxins of any kind. SilverSkin is also free of petrochemicals, and contains no synthetics or dyes. There simply is no other product like it."
Dr. Donna Barsky